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SVG Pony  v.1.0

SVG Pony is a Windows application to convert generic SVG image files to SVG Tiny 1.1 format, which is the format Nokia phones use. SVG Pony has been mostly tested with Inkscape created images. SVG Pony can be used to catalog and preview SVG images.

Img Image Viewer  v.1.0 Alpha 1

View images with the help of this tool. Img Image Viewer is a raster/svg image viewer. It has support for all image formats Java Image I/O supports along with SVG's using Apache Batik's libraries.


Aurora SVG Viewer & Converter  v.11.5

Easy SVG viewer and converter tool. | Easy folder selection, and thumbnail display mode. | Support SVG Animation preview and Batch Convert to many kinds of image format.

SVG Kit for Adobe Creative Suite  v.2.0.2

SVG Kit for Adobe Creative Suite. Includes support for InDesign, InDesign Server, InCopy and Photoshop, 32 and 64 bit versions for Windows and Mac OS X platforms.

Aurora SVG Viewer & Converter for Mac OS X  v.11.05031638

The advent of HTML5 has brought greater usage of SVG-formatted vector images.

SVG To PNG Converter Software  v.7.0

This software offers a solution to users who want to convert one or more SVG files into PNG format. The user chooses the files or an entire folder to be processed before starting the conversion.


This useful handy utility helps you to convert images to WMF or SVG. There are two ways of workig: it can either rasterize one image or a batch of them. All this made by one click. Transparent interface and high efficiency will make you enjoy the process

Hidden Data Detector  v.1 3

Hidden Data Detector is a free tool that was designed to find and identify hidden data & metadata in files. Hidden Data Detector can analyze Microsoft Office documents (Word, Excel, PowerPoint), OpenOffice.

MetadataTouch  v.5.7

MetadataTouch is a small, powerful and easy to use application that enables you to view and edit metadata in Microsoft Office 2007 documents (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint), OpenOffice.

Contenta SVG Converter  v.5.9

Contenta SVG Converter will enable you to get common image files from your SVG files. Fast and hassle free. Saves to many (JPG, JPG2000, GIF, PNG, ...) image formats. Contenta SVG Converter also allows you to reduce the image sizes.

Jalada Best Image Converter  v.1.5.0

Best Image Converter is the most comprehensive tool for converting nearly any image type into another, quick and reliable, simply by Drag & Drop. As a result, you can import your pictures into your favorite app regardless of the source image format.

DWG to SVG Converter  v.v2.0

DWG to SVG Converter can help you convert DWG to Vector in batch without opening the DWG files.

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